About Geo Miller & Company Pvt. Ltd.

GEO MILLER is a well established company in the field of Water, Wastewater & Effluent Treatment Plant since the last 62 years.

Originally established as a British Mining Company in Calcutta, Geo Miller transformed into native company in 1947 under the leadership of Late Shri. M.D. Mundhra. With rapid industrialization and population growth Water Treatment Division for turnkey execution of Water, Wastewater & Effluent Treatment Plant was established in 1952.

Having a belief in concept of "Environment friendly industrial growth" Mr. Mundhra's dedication, hard work helped him walk through the path full of twists and turns to reach the goal of success and achievement.

The present international acclaim and the regard to Geo Miller as the pioneer leader is result of devoted decades of efforts made by Mr. M.D. Mundhra and now followed by his son Mr. S.D.Mundhra.

During its tenure of last 62 Years Geo Miller has set a mile stone and an illustrious name in the field of Water Industry with credentials of total 700 odd Water, Wastewater & Effluent Treatment Plant all over the world.