• First Company to design and install complete Water Treatment Plants including running of Clarifiers with hydraulic head without use of power.
  • First Company to install "Reactor Type Clarifier" for Drinking Water and Water Softening Plants.
  • First Company to install prefabricated package type iron removal plant of a very large capacity for domestic water supply
  • Old Company in India whose Water Treatment Plant of large capacity is working for more than last 50 years at Ranchi
  • First Company to install Water Treatment Plant based on Computer aided designs and predicting the quality and quantity of the treated water.
  • Only Company in India to install 20 Clarifiers for one single project at Chandrapur, Maharashtra.
  • First Company to install Multi Stage Biological Treatment Plant in India for Sewage and Industrial Waste
  • First Company to install more than 25 HP capacity Surface Aerators in India
  • First Company to install Diffused Aeration System for Wastewater Treatment
  • First Company to use Centrifuges for Sewage Sludge Disposal in India
  • First Company to install largest Sewage Treatment Plant using large capacity high speed Floating Aerators in India.
  • First Company to install mammoth type Cage Rotors for aeration for Refinery Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • The only Company in India to design and install Wastewater Treatment Plant for heavy water projects of Atomic Energy Commission.
  • First Company to install Wastewater Treatment Plants for Fertilizer unit using Biological Urea Hydrolyser and Ammonia Stripping.
  • First Company to install Heavy Metal Recovery Plant from Wastewaters.
  • First Company to install Carrousel® Aeration System for Wastewater Treatment.
  • The only Indian Company given a grant for carrying out Research and Development by Indian Council of Medical Research for developing design criteria for Sewage Treatment under Indian conditions.
  • First Company to design and operate Multi Stage Anaerobic Digestion System using Interval Jet Mixing for Distillery Waste.
  • Only Company to have full scale Aerator Testing facility for Oxygen Transfer capacity and efficiency.

Certificate of Appreciation
Name of Work: Design, Construction, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of Water Treatment Plant to Supply 205 MLD (45Mgd) of treated water at Kodankapur at Km 116/0 of Hyderabad – Nagarjuna sagar State Highway on turn- key basis including Manning & Operation for a period of 24 months