Water Treatment

Clean and fresh water, and lots of it, has always been essential to the viability and success of civilizations. We - our economy, our industrial civilization, our commercial interests, our social life all depend on fresh, clean water. Generally, we seem to assume that there is an unending supply of fresh water. It is a misconceived notion, a folly and not a fact.

There is only 2.5 percent of fresh water of all the total amount of water on earth. Most of the fresh water is locked away as ice in Antarctica and to a lesser extend in Greenland, the north polar cap and the mountain glaciers. Ground water makes up most of what remains, leaving less than .01 percent for all lakes, creeks, streams, river and rainfalls. This still leaves more than enough water to meet all our needs. But only if we keep it clean and control water pollution effectively.

In our Industrial Civilization 'pure and clean' water is becoming more and more elusive with the progressive deterioration of water resources due to increasing pollutant levels in the biosphere. So water treatment has become an essential part of our present day life.

Geo Miller's technologically superior Water Treatment Plants cater hygienically safe and potable water to municipalities and metropolitan corporations for public supply and special water to various industries as per their 'need and demand'.

Equipments and Special Processes for Water Treatment available with Geo Miller are:-
Flash Mixers
Horizontal & Circular Clarifiers
Rapid Gravity Filters
High Rate Lamella/Tube/Plate Settlers
Dual Media Filters
Activated Carbon Filters
Pre and Post Chlorination with other disinfection systems
Iron and Manganese removal System
Up-flow sludge blanket clarifiers & softeners
High Rate Declining Rate Sand Filter
Pressure Filters
Fluoride Removal System
Membrane Filtration

Selection of process or combination of them depends on the source of Water, its quality and its ultimate use.