Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment is imperative for industries like:-
Leather, Tannery
Steel & Electroplating
Oil refinery
Paper, Textile, Fertilizer and Chemicals
Dairy and food processing
Power Plants

Irrefutable leaders that they are in the field of waste water treatment, Geo Miller to their credit have many new technologies:
Ammonia stripping
Phosphate & Fluoride removal
Dissolved Air flotation
Automatic oil scheming
Reverse osmosis
Biological Nitrification & De-nitrification
Ultra filtration
Micro filtration

Most of the processes and systems or combinations of them used in treating waste water are the same as used in sewage treatment, the selection of processes and systems or combinations of them depends on the contents and volume of the effluent.
Compactly designed, high efficiency 'package water and sewage treatment plants' are also marketed by Geo Miller.
Most suitable to:- Small Communities. Hotels Military Camps,
Package plants are pre-fabricated in Geo Miller's Fabrication Unit with utmost care by qualified and trained technicians under direct supervision of expert design engineers

Based on the latest and Exemplary System Technology, these Package Plants are highly Economical and have Proven Track Record of Trouble Free Long Term Operation.